Dolan original

You should be wetting yourself by now

Dolan is a very disturbing creature. He is basically the Fakegee counterpart of Donald Duck. Except he's not a Fakegee. Go figure.

Dolan is not very fond of rabbits

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'Sup, Dolan

Dolan's hobbies range from shooting people he doesn't like, to defecating on people he doesn't like, to throwing people he doesn't like into a roasting fire. See a pattern here?

Dolan and Weegee's Rivalry

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Weegee and Dolan just before one of their numerous brawls

Dolan and Weegee hate each other very much. In fact, Dolan hates Weegee even more than he hates Gooby, and Dolan hates Gooby a lot. The reason for the two's hatred of each other is because Dolan is the only creature to exceed Weegee's level of mental disturbance. This makes Weegee jealous. It makes him jelly, some might say.
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