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The Greegee Wiki is about an evil Greature named Greegee who fell in some Fire Flower Radiation during the The Fakegee War.

We have loads of stuff like Greegee,Fredrick The Moose,Jeffrey The Camel Pizza Slice Shaped Banana Toad, and like 1,077 pages about stuff related to Greegee! Be sure to visit Weegeepedia!

Remember to Obey Greegee...

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Also,the Mayuwih characters appear here and WE'VE GOT OVER 800 PAGES!

(We've got an high number of admins,right? XD)

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Unknown Date, 36 billion
Carkarion 85 dies, bringing the Universe with him. Carkarion 86 is born.
December 31 9999
Estimated date of when World Domination will be complete
June 9 2784
Carkarion 85 sneezes, creating a wormhole.
September 19, 2020
We're taking over the world!
March 30 2015
20 September 2014
The adoption request is accepted,new admins are here!
September 2014
This wiki began to resurrect!
Unknown date, 14 billion BC
Carkarion 85 is born, creating this generation of the Universe.

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Today, we have used calculations to estimate when the world will be dominated by Greegee! Please see Wiki News.

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