Fakegees are mostly versions of Malleo and Weegee. They have different colors and sometimes different abilities than Malleo or Weegee. The Fakegee group itself was started when a Weegeerus strain mutated and infected the person who would become Fakeegee. The first group of the Fakegees, known as the "Fake Weegees" are the ancestor group to the Fakegees. Many Fakegees are a result of the Weegee virus, also known as the Weegeerus, going wrong and spawning a strain of Fakegeerus. Examples are:

The Fakegees temporarily split during the Fakegee War, the Malleo Fakegees seceded and formed a group known as the Fakealleos. The main purpose of Fakegees is to supply Malleo and Weegee's armies. Also, many Fakegees are designed by another Fakegee known as 1337gee.

A ton of Fakegees