FakeGee War

Scene from the war

These days in 75H were dark times, a few died, a few survived. Nobody knows the reason why they fought. Some people think it was over some apples; others think it was to see who was the true Fakegee. Both kinds of people are wrong. At one point, some fakeegees formed a temporary alliance, but soon went back to brutally killing each other. After the war, no Fakegees fought each other ever again.
War footage

A Fakegee leaning over a fallen comrade during the alliance between some fakegees.

After that, Greegee ran wild and killed a few fakegees.One of the most Fakegee that fought the war was Gladiogee,

List of things in The Fakegee War

  • Weegee
  • Malleo
  • Yushee
  • Fakegees
  • YTX                                                                                                    *Ean
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