You can help out our partnership with the Trollopolis Wiki by using Interwiki Links on both the Trollopolis and Greegee wikis! When linking to a page on the Trollopolis wiki, for instance, you would use:

[[w:c:Trollopolis:NAME OF PAGE|TITLE OF LINK]]

And, as an example: Jimmies.

If you don't add a link title, it will show up like this: w:c:Trollopolis:Jimmies.

Also, when you mouse over the link, it will show up as w:c:Trollopolis:Jimmies. To counteract that, you can use this code to make it show up as whatever you want (in capitals are the sections you should change):

[[w:c:Trollopolis:NAME OF PAGE|<span class="buttonlink" title="MOUSE OVER TEXT">TITLE OF LINK</span>]]

Here's our example now: Jimmies. So now, when you mouse over it, you get "Jimmies".

The same principal works on the Trollopolis Wiki, but just change w:c:Trollopolis to w:c:Greegee, and you'll be all set to go!