Weegee is a powerful being and evil version of Luigi


− He was born about OVER 9000 years ago to Papa Weegee and Mashesh.He was put up for adoption because of their bills and condictions and needed money. He was adopted by Fortran,The ruler of the united Gess universe back then. Fotran already had a son named Malleo at the time. Malleo became\Weegees stepbrother. Under normal circumstances Malleo would enherit Fortrans throne after he will retire but instead Malleo became second and Weegee took place as the King. Around this time Papa Weegee and Mashesh became rish and had another son who came back from a thing and his name was Mellleo which raised to be good and not evil. Malleo was not very as ruler so Weegee did most of duties which is why he is better and more famous. He has two sons named Samaweegee who betrayed his father and went to the al qaeegee and Guiyii who did not.

He later opened Weegee's Swim Suit Store. Due to losing a bet, Weegee was briefly an agent of Fweegee. He eventually left the Fweegee's Agents due to wanting to be in charge, but Fweegee not letting him be.


Awphysaur (Wife)

Paesh (Wife in law)

Fortran (Dad)

Ragamiicho (Uncle)

Garbon (Second cousin)

Boracuubi (Second cousin)

Malleo (Brother)

Samaweegee (First son)

Guiyii (technical second son)

Samalleo (Nephew)

Waweegee (Cousin and rival)

Walleo (Second cousin and rival)

Mari (Grandfather)

Luig (Great Uncle)

Weegee front

weegee front

Weegee ll

Weegee ll your a fakegee of the Al Qaeegee imposter.


Crysamthimum example

Weegee V4

Weegee Smiling

Weegee on Dazee

Sneaky Weegee

WEEGEE Caramelldansen download by scales78

Weegee Carmel Dancen

Mama weegee

Malleo show 2.0


Shupah Malleo version 1.

Weegee by LinkMahRoi

Toon Weegee.

Weegee wallpaper

The Gang of Weegees.

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Early Version.

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