X Belt
"That is a cosmotic blungecalcutoutsha mugnelto astero idous beltous*, or an asteroid belt as you lesser-lifeforms call it." - Nerd

X Belt, is the remains of Planet X when it was destroyed in 52R. It is the aftermath of the X345 Super Weapon.

It contains many asteroids from X1 - X726 X2397.

No one is actually sure on why some asteroids are Xan* and some are anX.

  • Asteroid Name*

In 3T the CFA let any company sponsor an asteroid for only 6,654,366,436,852,998,123,133,777,357 per square CentiGreegee per second. In other words, if the asteroid has an area of 4 CentiGreegee (Which the smallest asteroid has over 3,000,000) then you would pay ℓ26,617,465,747,411,992,492,535,109,428 every second.

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